Bidhannagar College is strategically located at Salt Lake, making it accessible to students from the city as well as the suburbs. Right from its inception on June 25, 1984 the college has been oriented towards the academic and overall development of students from varied social and financial backgrounds, by providing them quality education and imbibing in them high standards of social and ethical values. Apart from being a model of academic excellence, the college also strives towards creating a healthy atmosphere within its premises to foster the growth of all kinds of talents among its students.

The college is committed towards maintaining environmental balance and the two imposing buildings are located amidst a considerable amount of greenery. Whereas, the three-storeyed old-buildingof the college is home to the Science departments, the recently built six-storeyed building is housing the Humanities and Social Science departments, the central Library, the administrative section and an auditorium. Bidhannagar College has been offering three year Honours courses in ten Science subjects and six Humanities disciplines. The college also offers M. Sc. courses in three Science Subjects. The recent introduction of new courses — B. Sc (Honours) in Geography and M. Sc course in Chemistry — has definitely enriched the academic environment of the College. The college has been growing on many levels, and it will grow further, as is evident from the expansion projects. Even a cursory glance at the website reveals the magnitude of the academic work that is going on within its premises.

The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has extended its financial support in the form of DST-FIST in addition to the support received from the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal. As financially supported by University Grants Commission, Government of India, the college is also organising free special classes for UGC-CSIR NET aspirants for the last two years. A number of different financial grants including D.P.I free and Half-free studentship, Book grants, Students’ Aid Fund and Target Charity are given for the needy and meritorious students.

The college looks forward to the active participation of students, teachers, parents, patrons, well wishers and all the concerned parties to ensure a steady rise in its academic standards and to provide the best opportunities to the young minds of the nation.