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Subhas Chandra Jana

Abhijit Poddar Studies on Ca+ independently highly thermostablebeta amylase from mesophillic bacterium Bacillus sp DJs Jadavpur University Awarded
Malay Mandal Studies on agreecultural application of biopesticides in different combinations for the management of betal vine disease Jadavpur University Registered
Madhusree Roychaudhury Application on bacteriocin in biopreservation Jadavpur University Registered
Jayjit Mondal Isolation of tree living nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilising, salt tolerant Azotobacter and production of multipurpose biofertilizer with vermicompost as base material. West Bengal State University Registered

Achintya Kumar Sarkar


Derivatives of phenanthrenes & phenanthraquinones synthesis via Suzukicoupling and other reactions  

University of Calcutta



Dissertations by postgraduate students during 2014-15




Research Topic



Dr. Shurit Ghosh Arup Kundu “Synthesis of Naphthalenediimide Derivatives and Spectroscopic Characterization”
Dr. Samita Basu Mitu Sarkar “Interaction of a Therapeutically Important Cyanine Drug with a Model Protein:  Photo-physical and Binding Study”
Dr. Samita Basu Debanjona Singh Roy “Spectroscopic Study of Interactions of Amino Drugs with Gold Nanopaticle”
Prof. Syamal Chakrabarti Manish Das “Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Studies of Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes”
Dr. Shurit Ghosh Gourab Ghosh “Synthesis and Characterization of End Functionalized Redox-Degradable Polymer”
Dr. Debobroto Mandal Sanjay Chandra Mandal “Effect of Electron-Donating  Substituent on the Electronically Excited State Dipole Moment of 3-Hhdroxyflavone”
Dr. Narayan Chandra Bar Tista Paul “Synthesis of Phenyl Thiazole Derivatives”
Amrita Mukherjee
Mousumi Pal

Dr. Narayan Chandra Bar

Angira Ghosh “Synthesis of Phenyl Thiazole Derivatives”
Sukanya Ghosh
Priya Das
 Dr. Subhas Chandra Maity Kajari Mazumder “Extraction of Caffeine Content in Different Brands of Tea Leaves in Local Market of Kolkata”
Suman Saha
Sudip Bag
Indranil Dutta
Prof. Syamal Chakrabarti Mayurakshi Mukherjee “Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Reactivity of Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Complexes with a Tridentate ONS Donor Ligand”
Dr. Sanchita Goswami Aparupa Maity “A Sensitive Schiff-base Chemosensor for Selective Detection of Zinc(II)”
Dr. Jnan Prakash Naskar Saheli Paul “A Novel Oxime Based Schiff-Base Ligand and its Palladium(II) Complex Syntheses, Characterization, Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Properties”
Dr. Asim Kumar Majee


Jayaita Malakar “Determination of Crystal Field Parameters of Hexaaqua Complexes of Different 1st Transition Metal Ions by Electronic Spectral Measurement and Compare Their Values”
Sangeeta Ghosh “Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of L-Cysteine by Hexacyanoferrate(III) in Acidic Medium and Studies of the Effect of pH of the Medium on the Reaction Rate”
Sanchita Misra
Dr. Sanchita Goswami Madhurima Das “Fluorescent Turn-On Chemosensor Based on Schiff Base for Selective Detection of Aluminium Ion”
Dr. Asim Kumar Majee
Dr. Asim Kumar Majee
Mousumi Chowdhury “Determination of Crystal Field Parameters of Different Ni(II) Complexes by Electronic Spectral Measurement, Positioning the Ligands in a Spectrochemical Series and in a Nephelauxetic Series”
Rituparna Biswas “Determination of Crystal Field Parameters of Different Copper(II) Octahedral Complexes by Electronic Spectral Measurement, Positioning the Ligands in a Spectrochemical Series and in a Spectrochemical Series”
Prof. Mahamad Ali Sumit Ghosh “Rhodamine Based Turn On Fluorogenic Chemosensor for Fe3+ Ion in Organo-Aqueous Medium”



Dr. Sayak Ganguli
Rahul Banik (DBT Centre For Bioinformatics, Presidency College)
Alisha Sen Gupta Designing Antisense Oligos Against IRES Elements In HIV-1 Genome
Arunavo  Goswami
Shubhrodeb Roy (ISI)
Arghyajit Biswas Synthesize, Characterization Of S-Doed Carbon Quantum Dots: Biomaging And DNA Interaction Property
Dr Sayak Ganguli
Manoj Kumar Gupta
Arijit Mondal Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Of Genes Implicated In HIV-1 Associated AIDS
Dr Mrs. Sumita Sengupta(Department Of Biophysics And Molecular Biology, Rajabazar Science College) Arpita Bhowmick Role Of Oncostatin M In Cancer
Benika Saha TA Cloning Of The Desired Segment Of 3’ UTR Region Of The mRNA Of Leukemia Inhibitory  Factor
Prof. Subrata Majumdar(Bose Institute) Madhulika Ganguly Role Of DUSP6 (Dual Specificity Phosphatase 6 ) Against Visceral Leishmaniasis: Involvement Of MAPKS (Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase)
Dr. Hemanta Koley (National Institute Of Cholera And Enteric Diseases (NISER) Moumita Debnath Isolation And Characterization  Of Enteric Bacteria From Fish And Chicken Intestines
Dr. Paramita Bhattacharjee (Dept. Of Food Technology  And Biochemical Engineering, Jadavpur University) Nirmalya Chowdhury Shelflife Study Of A Coconut Oil Based Cold Drink
Dr. Sayak Ganguli
Rahul Banik (DBT Centre For Bioinformatics, Presidency College)
Nitesh Chand Designing Antisense Oligonucleotides Against Conserved Musashi Binding Elements in HIV-1 Genome
Dr Indranil Roy (Calcutta Medical Research Institute) Roume Halder In Vitro Susceptibility Of Oral Antibiotics In Patients With MRSA Infection
Dr Sayak Ganguli
Protip Basu (DBT Centre For Bioinformatics, Presidency College)
Saikat Roy Docking Studies To Explore Argonaute-miRNA Interactions
Dr. Sayak Ganguli
Vineet Vishal (DBT Centre For Bioinformatics, Presidency College)
Saswata Saha Secondary Structural Analysis Of piRNA In Drosophilamelanogaster
Mr. Anindya Mukherjee (Britannia Industry Ltd.) Tanmoy Dutta Quality Analysis of Different Ingredients for The Production Of Different FMCG Products
Dr. R. K. Nandy (NICED) Tanya Mukherjee Evaluation Of Immune Response To Polio Vaccine And Relating It To Nutritional Status Of Infants
Prof. T. K. Dutta (Bose Institute) Tuhin Banerjee Transformation Of Substrates By
Pseudomonas Sp.
Mr. Ranajoy Das (Emami Industries Pvt. Ltd) Tushar Banerjee Antimicrobial Efficacy Of Herbal Extract (Neem And Turmeric) And
Quality Analysis Of Cosmetic & Ayurvedic Products



Dip Mukherjee Tumpa Roy Bioremediation
Deeposree Moulik Global Climate Change
Trisha Majumder Impact of the Toxicity of Cadmium on different organisms
Nabasree Basak Solid Waste Management
Souptik Dutta Toxicological profile for Lead
Suman Bej Papiya Das A Review on the toxicity of carbamate pesticides
Dr. Susanta Nath


Alok Saradar Preliminary study on the effect of organic fertilizer on the muscle protein content of a freshwater fish
Himadri Sekhar Bhowmick Preliminary study on the effect of organic fertilizer on the liver lipid content of Channa punctatus
Chiroprotim Saha Preliminary study of the impact of mustard oil cake on acetylcholinesterase activity in Channa punctatus (Bloch)
Dr. Ranajit Karmakar




Dr. Ranajit Karmakar

Arumita Majumder Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ectopic pregnancy & miscarriage
Nilima Malo Oxytocin, feeding and satiety
Tahera Tannura Epidemiology, diagnosis and management of polycystic ovary syndrome- a systematic review
Rapti Roy Effect of hepatic PPARG-FSp27 pathway on obesity related hypertension
Md. Abu Thaher Molla Role of prednisolone to alteration in hepatic and muscular protein and glycogen level: it’s correlation with blood glucose level in mice
Koyel Chakraborty Diagnosis,  prevention & treatment of osteoporosis- a systematic review
Sibam Mondal Melatonin administration delays skin aging and age related bone loss
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