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College Are Going To Introduce The CBCS (Credit Based Choice System) From The Upcoming Session 2018-19 Under The Aegis Of West Bengal State University.

Presently, This college offers three years B.A./B.Sc. Honours Courses for the following subjects abiding by the rules and guidelines of West Bengal State University, Barasat. No Pass courses are offered here.

Under Graduate

Honours Subjects Combination Total Capacity
English Philosophy and History/ Political Science 53
Bengali History, Philosophy, Political Science 53
Political Science History and Philosophy/ Economics/ English 53
History Political Science and Philosophy/ Bengali/ English 53
Philosophy Education/Political Science and History/ Bengali / English 53
Education History/Anthropology/Geography and Philosophy/Political Science/ English 27
Economics Mathematics and Statistics 53
Physics Mathematics and Chemistry 53
Chemistry Mathematics and Physics /Microbiology 53
Mathematics Physics and Chemistry/Statistics 53
Zoology Botany and Chemistry/Microbiology/Anthropology 37
Statistics Mathematics and Physics /Economics 32
Botany Chemistry and Zoology/Microbiology/Anthropology 32
Microbiology Chemistry and Botany/Zoology 29
Anthropology Zoology and Botany/Geography 24
Geography Political Science/Anthropology and Economics/ Statistics 32

Post Graduate

Subject Special Papers Total Capacity
Chemistry Organic, Inorganic, Physical 33
Microbiology Projects 23
Zoology Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science 23
Anthropology Biological Anthropology, Prehistoric archaeology& Palaeoanthropology, Social- Cultural  Anthropology 20

Plant Virology, Molecular Mycology & Molecular Plant Pathology.  

Molecular Genetics & Advanced Cell Biology and Applied Plant Breeding & Plant Tissue Culture.

 Advanced Plant Physiology & Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology.    

Education Teacher Education, Guidance and Counselling, Education of Children with special needs. 15
Affiliations / Certifications

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