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The College has an Anti–Ragging Committee, actively working under the Visakha Guidelines and the Anti-Ragging Act of 2005, to prevent any form of ragging within the college campus, be it physical, psychological or even sexual.
•           There is an Anti-Ragging Squad as well, keeping constant watch over the campus, in order to ensure the prevention of ragging. Our college maintains ‘Zero Tolerance’ to any of such incidents, if occur.
•           Ragging-related grievances in the campus can be reported in the following ways:
I)         Complaint, in writing, can be lodged with the college authority/ the Anti-Ragging Committee immediately after any untoward incident.
II)        Complaint can be lodged with the UGC, through the National Anti-Ragging Help Line (UGC Crisis Hotline). 24x7 Toll Free Number is 1800-180-5522.

Members of the Anti-Ragging Committee of Bidhannagar College:
i)          Madhumita Manna, Chairperson, Principal, Bidhannagar  College,    Kolkata
ii)         Shri Tapomay Das (Mob. 9433374177), Convenor, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of   English
iii)        Shri Sarvodaya Kr. Saha (Mob. 8336959166), Member, WBCS, (Exe) Deputy Magistrate and Deputy   Collector, Govt. Of West Bengal
iv)        Shri Somnath Banerjee (Mob. 9073343321), Member, Officer-in Charge, Bidhannagar North Police Station
v)         Smt Anjana Ojha  (Mob. 8961291062), Parent Member
vi)        Shri Amit Kumar Roy Chowdhury (Mob. 9830432129), Member, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Economics
vii)       Tapasree Chattopadhyay (Mob. 8017622548), Member, Associate Professor, Department of Bengali
ix)        Shri Jagannath Bhowmick (Mob. 7439247796), Member, LDC (Students' Section), Bidhannagar College
x)         Smita Mukherjee (Mob. 8420621136), Member, LDC, Bidhannagar College
xi)        Sankar Bairagi  (Mob. 8420617977), Student Member (B.A. 2nd year Education Hons)
xii)       Souvik Nandi (Mob. 8001151093), Student Member (B.Sc. 1st year Mathematics Hons)
The College also maintains an efficient Anti-Ragging Squad manned by faculties, which keeps a strict vigil across the campus as a preventive measure. The Convenor of the Anti-Ragging Squad, Dr. Sudip Kumar Ghosh, Assistant  Professor of Dept of Economics, Bidhannagar College (Mobile No.9674343103) with the other members very efficiently maintain a ragging-free environment in the campus.

Important Information

Grievance against Ragging in campus can be launched online at:

National Anti Ragging Help Line (UGC Crisis Hotline)
24x7 Toll Free Number 1800-180-5522

For more details see:
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