An Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has been set up under the Teachers Council for dealing with the complaints filed under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013. Complaints to the Committee can be lodge in person to the Convenor of the Committee or can be dropped in the Drop Box located outside the Principal‟s chamber or through our email or online portal. The procedure is based on the principles of natural justice. The college has also constituted a Gender Sensitization Committee against sexual harassment. Complaints can be lodged once again either physically or through our e-mail or online portal.

Committee Members

  1. Srimati Suparna Sengupta (Chair Person,Associate Professor (W.B.E.S)).
  2. Srimati Shreya Sarkar (Advocate,External member)
  3. Dr. Tapasree Chattopadhyay (Associate Professor(W.B.E.S)).
  4. Dr.Syamali Bhadra (Associate Professor (W.B.E.S))
  5. Dr. Bharati Mukhopadhyay (Associate Professor (W.B.E.S))
  6. Srimati Smita Mukherjee (Instrument keeper, College Office).
  7. Dr. Anup Sengupta (Associate Professor (W.B.E.S))
  8. Sri Saibal Gupta (Associate Professor (W.B.E.S))
  9. Sri. Mrinal Kanti Das (Head Clerk, College Office).


G.O. on Constitution of ICC


ICC_Working Rules_BNC




Vishaka Guidelines_doc – Vishaka-Guidelines

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Online Portal: Sexual Harassment Complain Portal