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Assistant Professor

Academic background:
M.Sc in Anthropology

Joined WBES on: 16/06/2015

Joined Bidhannagar College on: 16/06/2015

Number of Publications: 1

Mobile: 9051376949


Name of the Colleges served till date
1) Bidhannagar College

Areas of Specialization
1) Social Cultural Anthropology

Areas of Teaching
1) Introduction of Anthropology and its branches
2) Basic concepts of Social Cultural Anthropology
3) Indian Village Study
4) Anthropology of Religion
5) Tourism Anthropology
6) Applied, Action and Development Anthropology
7) Tribal Culture, Problem and Development

Areas of Research Interests
1) Anthropology of Religion
2) Indian Traditional Rural community life and culture
3) Anthropology of Tourism
4) Women empowerment and SHG

List of Publications (Journal/Proceedings)
1) i. Chakraborty, Kartick, Chatterjee, Dipankar, Das, Arnab, 2012, Provisions and Perception of the Hosts in Business at Digha: A Study of Beach Tourism in India, Anthrocom online journal of Anthropology, Vol.8.

List of Publications (Book/Chapter)
1) 1. Chakraborty Kartick, 2016, Devi Manasa, Snake Goddess cult in West Bengal: Abrief Anthropological Understanding, Intelligentsia A Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, ed. Bidhannagr College, Vol. 1 No. 1.
2) 2. Chakraborty Kartick, 2020, Changes in Status of Women and Economic Empowerment: An Anthropological Understanding, ed Dipankar Naskar, Women’s Voices Women’s Lives, Offbit Publishing, Kolkata.

List of Lectures in Seminar/Conferences
1) Empowerment and Enhancement of Capabilities of Poor Women in India- a Review of Literature on the involvement of Women in Self Help Group, presented in National Seminar on “ Human Diversity and Development: From Local to Global Perspectives, organished by Department of Anthropology, University of Calcutta on March 27-28, 2017.
2) “Meyelee Brata” of Rural Bengal: study on Variation in Ritualistic and Structural Aspects, presented in National Seminar on “ Bio-cultural Heritage of Eastern India: Theoria, Praxis and Poiesis, organished by Department of Anthropology, Univeristy of Calcutta on March 28-29, 2018.
3) “Mangal Kabyas”- Change of Little Tradition: An Anthropological Understanding, presented in National Seminar on “ Reading of the Changing Faces of Rural and Urban Life, organished by Offbeat, Kolkata in collaboration with The Indian Anthropological Society; Banglar Puratatwa Gabeshana Kendra; Punyatma Dipak Narayan Dhar- Bhabani Sankra Singha Tarpanashram on July 14-15, 2018.
4) “The Cult of God Panchananda: An Anthropological Study of a Folk Deity in Contemporary Spatial Temporal Frame” presented in International Seminar on Socia-Economic Development of the People in India: Prospects and Challenges, organished by Punyatma Dipak Dhar- Bhabani Sankar Singha Tarpanaashram in collaboration with The Institute of Social Research and Applied Anthropology, The Indian Anthropological SOceity, Offbeat Publishing, Simili Cure Homeo Research Clinic on September 6-8, 2019.

On-going or Completed Research Projects

Awards/Grants received

Member of Academic Bodies
1) Invited Member of Post Gradate Board of Studies, PG Department of Anthropology, Bidhannagar College

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