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Dr. Kajari Lahiri

Associate Professor

Academic background:
Masters of Science in Life Science (Botany)with special paper Plant Physiology & Biochemistry from Visva-Bharati in 1996, Obtained Ph.D degree in Botany from Bose Institute, University of Calcutta in 1993, Bachelor degree in Education from University of Calcutta in 1994, Awarded CSIR (Adhoc) Research Associate, Research Associate in " DSA-SAP(II)", Department of Botany, University of Burdwan.

Joined WBES on: 15/03/2002

Joined Bidhannagar College on: 16/12/2014

Number of Publications: 6

Mobile: 9434165708


URL of Google Scholar/Research Gate/ORCID/Personal Website:

Name of the Colleges served till date
1) Krishnagar Govt. College
2) Bethune College
3) Barasat Govt. College

Areas of Specialization
1) Plant Physiology and Biochemistry,
2) Plant tissue culture

Areas of Teaching
1) Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
2) Analytical techniques
3) Tissue culture
4) Bryophytes
5) Embryology of plants
6) Signaling mechanism in plants

Areas of Research Interests
1) Plant metabolism
2) Tissue culture
3) Polyamine metabolism and function in plants

List of Publications (Journal/Proceedings)
1) Lahiri K. Chattopadhyay S., Chatterjee S. and Ghosh B.1992. Phytochemistry31:4087-4090
2) Lahiri K. Chattopadhyay S., Chatterjee S. and Ghosh B.1993. Annals of Botany 71:485-488
3) Lahiri K. Chattopadhyay S., Chatterjee S. and Ghosh B.1999. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 1(NS): 254-257
4) Lahiri K. Chattopadhyay S. and Ghosh B.2004. Journal of Plant Physiology 161: 563-571
5) Chattopadhyay S., Maitra N., Lahiri K. and Ghosh B.1996. Photosynthetica 32(4) 629-633
6) Chattopadhyay S., Lahiri K. and Ghosh B.1996. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 40: 945-949
7) Lahiri K. Chattopadhyay S. and Ghosh B.1994, In XVI th International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology IUBMB India satellite Symposium on “Protein Structure, Function and Engineering” Bose Institute, Kolkata
8) Lahiri K., Mallick B., and Shankar Mukhopadhyay 2005. Micropropagation and Acclimatization of Artemissia Nilagirica Proceedings of the Ninety second Session of the Indian Science Congress, Ahmedabad. Part IV , Section of Plant Science.
9) Ghosh, D, Das K. and Lahiri K. 2011 Comparative study of nutritional value and antioxidant potential of Amaranthus viridis, Amaranthus tricolor, Boerhavia repens, Ipomoea reptans-the commonly used foliage vegetables. UGC sponsored Pro. Nat. Sem.” Bioresource and Human welfare” organized by Department of Botany and Zoology, Lady Brabourne College
10) Lahiri K. An Inquiry based holistic approach of teaching Plant Physiology at undergraduate level. Proc. Of UGC sponsored National Seminar on Teaching Botany in 21 st Century: Prospect and Challenges. Organized by Department of Botany Bidhannagar College in collaboration with the Department of Botany, University of Calcutta.

List of Publications (Book/Chapter)
1) nil

List of Lectures in Seminar/Conferences
1) Delivered lecture on “Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose: Contribution to plant science” in Celebration of National Science Day on 28.02.2018 at Acharya Bhaban, Sir J C Bose Trust, Organized by J C Bose Science Heritage Museum and Kolkata Nivedita Shakti.

On-going or Completed Research Projects
1) Completed UGC sponsored minor research project (F PSW-135/11-12 dated 25.01.2012) entitled “Evaluation of nutritional value and antioxidant potential in relation to dietary polyamines of some green leafy vegetables commonly used by the rural people of Eastern India”.

Awards/Grants received
1) nil

Member of Academic Bodies
1) Member of Botany Board of studies, WBSU
2) Life member Plant Physiology Forum
3) Life member Central Calcutta Society For Advancement of Human Development and ResearchD

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