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Head & Associate Professor

Academic background:

Joined WBES on: 01/07/2005

Joined Bidhannagar College on: 01/07/2005

Number of Publications: 10

Mobile: 9831470906


Name of the Colleges served till date

Areas of Specialization
1) Social Cultural Anthropology

Areas of Teaching
1) Social Theories
2) Culture Studies
3) Rural & Urban Anthropology
4) Ecological Anthropology

Areas of Research Interests
1) Urban Anthropology,
2) Anthropology of Space
3) Medical Anthropology

List of Publications (Journal/Proceedings)
1) 1. The Maddhyabitta Bengalis in a Housing Complex: A study in Anthropology of Space (2008) in Journal of Indian Anthropological Society, vol -43
2) Ecocities formation through Cultural Practices (2011) in Journal of Indian Anthropological Society, vol -46
3) Capitalism in Agriculture and the cultural identity of laborers: A case study from a village in West Bengal (2013) in Journal of Indian Anthropological Society, vol - 48)
4) Anthropological Fieldwork: A debate between Context and Text (2017) in Oriental Anthropologist. Vol -17 (1)
5) Culture and Anthropology of Space: Theorizing the contemporary Urban behavior among tge apartment house dwellers in Kolkata city (2018) in Journal of Indian Anthropological Society, vol -53(1)
6) Auto ethnography of an Anthropoligy Fieldworker in two housing complexes in the city of Kolkata in India: A semiotics study on Anthropology of Space (2019) in Oriental Anthropologist, volm - 19 (2)
7) The Dynamics of Place and Space in the mountain village of Sillarygaon in Kalimpong district, West Bengal. (2020) in Journal of Indian Anthropoligical Society , vol - 55
8) Inscribed Space and Occupational shift: An Anthropological study from Saltgheri village of Mousuni Island in South 24cParganas, West Bengal (2021) in The Oriental Anthropoligist.
9) Architectural Anthropology in Urban Housing Complex: A spatial study on the culture construct of a community design architecture (2022) in the Journal of Anthropological Survey of India

List of Publications (Book/Chapter)
1) Anthropology of Space (2014) - Book
2) From Slumber to Action , Managing the disaster (2015l - Book
3) Urbanization and Contradiction: A duality of self and others in contested Space (2015) in S.K.Samanta (ed) - Development for the communities and the country: Role of Anthropology.

List of Lectures in Seminar/Conferences
1) International Conference by IUAES (2004) ON post colonial Settlement in Kolkata
2) National Seminar by Indian Anthropological Society (2005)on Social Space of Maddhyabitta.
3) National Seminar by University of Calcutta (2005) on Arxhitectural Anthropology. on
4) National Seminar by INDIAN Anthropological Society (2008)on Urbanization and Development
5) National Seminar by Indian Anthropoligical Society (2010) on Ecocities formation.
6) National Seminar by Indian Anthropological Society (2013) on Capitalusm in Agriculture
7) International Seminar by Forum for contemporary theory (2014) on Culture and Anthropology of Space.
8) National Seminar y Indian Anthropological Society (2015) on doing fieldwork.
9) National Seminar by CRI, Govt of West Bengal (2017) Development of Ecotourism
10) National Seminar by University of North Bengal (2017) on Urbanization and Development.

On-going or Completed Research Projects
1) 1. UGC - Minor Research Project (Completed) -2009 -2011) on Anthropology of Urbanization...

Awards/Grants received
1) NA

Member of Academic Bodies
1) Member of PG Board of Studies in Anthropology, Bidhannagar College

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