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Assistant Professor

Academic background:
Bsc. in Economics (CU), M.A. in Economics (JNU), M.Phil (Russian Economics Crisis, JNU), PhD (Agricultural Transformation in East European new member states , JNU)

Joined WBES on: 01/08/2005

Joined Bidhannagar College on: 02/02/2012

Number of Publications: 1

Mobile: 9830731492


URL of Google Scholar/Research Gate/ORCID/Personal Website:
Orcid id: 0000-0002-8682-3918

Name of the Colleges served till date
1) Bidhannagar College
2) Barasat Govt College

Areas of Specialization
1) Trade and Agriculture

Areas of Teaching
1) Mathematical Economics
2) Public Finance
3) Application of Computer Programming Languages

Areas of Research Interests
1) Trade and Agriculture
2) Efficiency Analysis (parametric and non-parametric)

List of Publications (Journal/Proceedings)
1) Efficiency of India's Agricultural Exports: A Stochastic Panel Analysis, South Asia Economic Journal, Vol 18(2), September, 2017, 276-295
2) Money: Revolutionary Aspects, (2011). In Technologies of Revolution; Society, Economy and Polity, Barasat Government College, pp: 142-149.

List of Publications (Book/Chapter)
1) none

List of Lectures in Seminar/Conferences
1) Microsimulation Modelling in finding Tax Gap-A case Study,(2015). National Conference on Emerging Trends in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences(NCETMMS-2015)
2) Efficiency in Agricultural Trade of India and China: A Stochastic Panel Analysis,(2016). 5th International Conference on WTO, Trade and Agriculture: Issues and Challenges for Developing and Least Developed Countries, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
3) Exports and Inefficiency: A Stochastic Panel Analysis of the determinants of Indian Agricultural Exports, ( 2017). UGC Seminar-"Contemporary Issues in Development Economics", Rabindra Bharati University .

On-going or Completed Research Projects
1) Collaboration in building of Micro-Simulation Model in TPRU, Tax Policy Research Unit (TPRU/2019-20/OLG-Model/33/9), Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

Awards/Grants received
1) none

Member of Academic Bodies
1) none

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