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Dr. Rajarshi Chatterjee

Assistant Professor

Academic background:
MSc, PhD

Joined WBES on: 10/03/2007

Joined Bidhannagar College on: 03/06/2019

Number of Publications: 11

Mobile: 9831022048


Name of the Colleges served till date
1) Jhargram Raj College
2) A.B.N. Seal College

Areas of Specialization
1) Inorganic Chemistry

Areas of Teaching
1) Inorganic Chemistry

Areas of Research Interests
1) Polyoxometalates

List of Publications (Journal/Proceedings)
1) 1. Synthesis, crystal structure and helical ladder-like assembly of a novel terephthalato-bridged binuclear Cu(II) complex: First report on terephthalate bridging under tetraaza macrocyclic environment February 2006 Inorganic Chemistry Communications 9(2):167-170
2) 2. Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterization of novel α-Keggin unit-supported Cu(II)- and Mn(II)-bipyridine complexes from a tri -lacunary precursor February 2009 Transition Metal Chemistry 34(1):1-5
3) 3. 4-(3,5-Dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl-methyl)-3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-2-ium dihydrogen phosphate: A combined X-ray and DFT study April 2010 Acta Crystallographica Section C Crystal Structure Communications 66(Pt 4):o190-3
4) 4. Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of bis(4,4′-bipyridinium) dodecatungstosilicate dehydrate June 2013 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section a 52(6):749-752
5) 5. In situ solid state polymerization and characterization of poly (N-vinylcarbazole) encapsulated Keggin type polyoxometalate nanocomposite August 2013 Journal of Molecular Structure 1045:139–144
6) 6. Encapsulation of a double-helical water–nitrate chain inside unique double helical chiral channels formed from Keggin POM and hexaquo-cobalt(II) units January 2014 Polyhedron 68:265–271
7) 7. Hydrated Potassium Cluster Based 2D Coordination Polymer OF β- [Mo8O26]4- : Design Of a Supramolecular System with two counter cations B.N.Seal J.Sci. (2015) P 37-46
8) A Novel Rare-earth Polyoxometalates: Synthesis, and their Characterization through Crystallography and Spectroscopy B.N.Seal J.Sci. (2017) P 71-78
9) . Bioremediation: A tribute to Green Chemistry Conscientia (2017)
10) 10. Giant Polyoxometalate as a precursor of nano-architecture: Synthesis and characterization Conscientia (2019)
11) Hydrothermal Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Novel Iron-bipyridyl Hybrid Keggin Polyoxometalates Conscientia (2020)
12) 12. Synthesis and spectral characterization of a new lanthanide sandwich-type trilacunary Keggin Polyoxometalate UGC Journal 2021

List of Publications (Book/Chapter)
1) Inorganic Chemistry: A Study Guide
2) Inorganic Chemistry: Theory and Problems

List of Lectures in Seminar/Conferences
1) Bioremediation: A tribute to Green Chemistry-“Environmental issues: Current scenario from the view point of scientific studies” held on 19th & 20th February, 2019 at A.B.N.Seal College

On-going or Completed Research Projects
1) N.A.

Awards/Grants received
1) N.A.

Member of Academic Bodies
1) N.A.

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