Phone: +91-(033)-2337 4761


Dr. Anup Kumar Halder


Academic background:
M.Sc, PhD

Joined WBES on: 01/09/2006

Joined Bidhannagar College on: 03/09/2006

Number of Publications: 12

Mobile: 9932628929


Name of the Colleges served till date
1) Bidhannagar College

Areas of Specialization
1) Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbial Biotechnology

Areas of Teaching
1) Environmental Microbiology, Mycology, Bioremediation,

Areas of Research Interests
1) Environmental Microbiology, Mycology

List of Publications (Journal/Proceedings)
1) 12

List of Publications (Book/Chapter)
1) 3

List of Lectures in Seminar/Conferences
1) 10

On-going or Completed Research Projects
1) None

Awards/Grants received
1) None

Member of Academic Bodies
1) None

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