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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Bidhannagar College. Mathematics Department started its journey from 1984. The Department offers undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Students of other disciplines can study Mathematics as their general subject combination. Our department is affiliated to West Bengal State University and we follow the curriculum set by university. The curriculum emphasizes both theory and applications. The good relationships with faculty give our students a high level of preparation for graduate study. The Departmental faculty members are well-qualified and are dedicated to the success of students.

The Department of Mathematics equips students with the necessary foundation to pursue a meaningful career in Mathematics. The department is focused on developing the analytical and critical thinking skills of students in a caring environment

1. Anup Kumar Sengupta Associate Professor & Head M.Sc, Ph.D. Profile
2. Narayan Ch. Basak Associate Professor M.Sc, M.Phil Profile
3. Syamali Bhadra Associate Professor M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D. Profile
4. Shib Sankar Giri Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D. (Pursuing) Profile
5. Utpal Mondal Assistant Professor M. Sc. Profile

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