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The department of Political Science was established in 1984, the same year in which the college was established. It, can surely take pride in the remarkable academic profile of the staff, both the veterans and the new recruits, its dynamic ways of teaching and wonderful rapport with the students, unadulterated inspiration and guidance opening new vistas for the students, outpacing the limitations of an undergraduate department. The department , has managed over the years to master the art of blending conventional and trendy ways of teaching, in order to make the students academically sound and well groomed to handle new career challenges. It supplements conventional lectures with interactive sessions, introduction to sample survey and other research methodologies, to induce a thorough understanding of the socio-political issues , among the students and help them learn to critically analyse the same. Invited talks and students’ seminars organized by the Department involve the students in an interesting and enriching process of learning. The faculty remains engrossed in a persistent and rigorous endeavour to constantly improve upon the existing standards of teaching and come up with novel and innovative methods to make the subject interesting and easy to grasp.

1. Shahid Jamal Siddiqi Associate Professor & Head M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Profile
2. Saibal Gupta Associate Professor & Head MA, M.Phil Profile
3. Tathagata Chakraborty Associate Professor MA, M.Phil, Ph.D. Profile
4. Deeplekha Sengupta Dasgupta Assistant Professor MA, M.Phil Profile

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