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Department of Philosophy has started its glorious journey from the beginning of the foundation of Bidhannagar College on June 25th, 1984. Though the department was initially affiliated to the University of Calcutta, since 2008 it has been affiliated to West Bengal State University. The department has been oriented towards being a model of academic excellence. A peaceful atmosphere and a rich cultural ambience ensure the various curricular and co-curricular activities. Departmental teachers take tutorial classes along with regular classes for special care of the students. After specific intervals mid-term test, class-test are taken for special care of the students. Parent-teacher meeting is also organised for progression of the students. Department sometimes invites eminent professors for value based academic seminar. Apart from this, fresher’s welcome, teacher’s day celebration etc. are organised by the students. In addition to that, department maintains a seminar library with very rich collection of text-books and reference books. To ensure the bright future, each and every student is motivated by the teachers.

1. Sankalita Ghosh Assistant Professor MA, M.Phil, Ph.D Profile
2. Tanima Chatterjee Assistant Professor MA,B.Ed Profile
3. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar Associate Professor & Head M.A, B.ED. Profile
4. Dr. Utpal Mandal Associate Professor M.Phil., Ph.D. Profile
5. Paramita Basu Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil. Profile

A one Day Seminar organised by department of Philosophy, Bidhannagar College Topic: Morality and its extension Speaker: Sri Avik Banerjee, Retd. Professor of Philosophy, Scottish Church College. Date: 27th February, 2015.

Academic Plan
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  1. Sewli Das, Associate Professor WBES
  2. Molly Ghosh, Associate Professor, Vidyasagar College for women
  3. Sima Chanda, Librarian, Calcutta University
  4. Susmita Guha, Receptionist, Apex Nursing Home
  5. Puja Ghosh, Service in TCS
  6. Firdous Mallick, Service in Kolkata Police, WBPS
  7. Tanushree Chowdhury, Performer in dance troupe
  8. Ajitesh Pandit, Service in WBPS
  9. Sreeparna Ghosh, Appeared in NET
  10. Ankita Ghosh, Appeared in NET
  11. Sailasree Das, Joined in Vocal Music
Affiliations / Certifications

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